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About event

Kaunas university of technology (KTU) is biggest technological university in the Baltic states. Career day is an annual event organised by KTU Career center. During this day students and business representatives have an opportunity to meet each other live and discusses job and career opportunities.


The problem

Every year Career center was preparing a printed catalog with information about every company participating in the event. Huge efforts had to be used in order to collect, systemise and design the catalog. After printing there is no way to update the information. And once the event is over catalog is rendered obsolete, what is great waste of paper.

Career center also wanted to have and additional communication channel with the students. They wanted a tool to provide useful information about pupillage, job offers and more.



The solution had to be mobile, as a paper catalogue. It also had to be offline. It’s important in the such massive events, were wi-fi connection tends to be pour due to amount of the users. So it could be a mobile website. We decided to design an Android  mobile app. Information about Career day participant could be updated at any time via centralised database. At launch app would download newest data to its internal database, so it could work offline.


Discover your first employer

The app would be useless if student couldn’t discover companies, that would be interesting for them. For this we design three different view of all participating companies. With a simple alphabetic list user can find information and location in the venue of the particular company. All registered companies provided a list of specialist they are looking for. Su student can switch to the “Specialities” view. Also there is a “Business area” view, so user can select a company in the particular field.



Virtual business card

With this app student and business owner can create their own virtual contact cards. Using NFC (Near field communication) they can exchange contact information effortlessly.  



KTU have a distinct visual style. It’s strong use of grids and typography in conjunction with colour goes hand in hand with Material design. We heavily relied on Google design guidelines in order to create great user experience. Exception was custom main menu. We wanted to make it unique, not just a simple navigation drawer. It also helped us separate every app feature into many user flows.



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