Kaunas State Drama Theatre

Mobile app design

Kaunas State Drama Theatre

Mobile app desing

Behind the curtain

An intriguing piece of architecture in the heart of the city. The National Kaunas Drama Theatre has every right to be proud that it has originated the tradition of professional theatre in Lithuania. Kaunas State Drama Theatre is the oldest professional theatre in Lithuania, counting the second century of existence. This theatre has always indicated the direction and was the centre of all Lithuanian visual arts. From 2012 Kaunas State Drama Theatre is changing its visual identity. It all started from logo design, improved social communication and now have added a mobile application.


The inspiration

The main inspiration for the design was the Spotify app. Back to the 90s when expression “don’t judge the book by its cover” was directly applied to CD’s, the cover design almost evaluated as an independent form of visual arts. Nowadays, when CDs are almost dead, we still pay a lot of attention to the song cover design. So does the Spotify.

The advertisement of theatre specialises in poster design. Every poster is rich in graphical information. It conveys emotion, style and individuality of each and every performance. Our goal was to preserve the same things in virtual reality and to maintain a proportion between poster and app design.

The black colour was chosen to convey the sense of mystery then light in hall goes down before performance. Also it is a  perfect background for the posters.



Calendar was a particularly difficult part of the app. At the same time it had to convey a lot of important information but remain visually pleasing and easy to use. We decided to use colour coded bubbles to indicate premier performances  and booked dates booked by the user.

iPhone 6 _ 4.7 inch _ Space Gray
iPhone 6 _ 4.7 inch _ Space Gray-1

Typography played main role in the app. Fonts were chosen to act as an interface – control information hierarchy and improve readability. The font – Proxima Nova.


We had several design iterations before we settled with the final looks. We created interactive prototypes to find a perfect solution. Also we organised a quick poll to potential users of the app to understand their needs. This is where the “Invision” platform helped a lot. We only had to generate a link to the app design and send it to testers. Every tester had a possibility to open the link in his/hers mobile phone and start a trial.


While we were creating Kaunas State Drama Theatre app design Google released “The material design” guidelines for android apps in parallel. So this app shapes unified experience across platforms and device sizes.